Silicone or Acrylic

Determining the appropriate coating system for your roof restoration should be based on the following factors: the type and condition of the existing roof surface, environmental conditions, geographic location, use of the roof and exposure to foot traffic, the slope of the roof, drainage of the roof, and the budget of the project. Most fluid-applied restoration projects can accept either a silicone or an acrylic roof coating.


Learning Objectives:
  1. Reasons for Roof Restoration
  2. What is an Acrylic Roof Coating?
  3. What is a Silicone Roof Coating?
  4. Choosing the Appropriate Roof Coating
Education Content: Beginner
Course Accreditation:
American Institute of Architects (AIA) | 0.25 AIA LU/Elective | Course Number: SPF106-RFCe